Directions to First United Methodist Church Hudson

              Methodist Church in Hudson Massachusetts

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Our church is easy to find from the center of Hudson, off the rotary* where Route 85 (Washington Street) and Route 62 (Main and Central Streets) meet:


From Marlboro coming north on Route 85 (Washington Street), simply proceed through the rotary and go straight up Felton Street. The church is up the hill on your left.

From 495 coming east on Route 62 (Central Street) towards the center of Hudson, proceed 3/4 of the way around the rotary (left) to Felton Street (3rd exit). The church is up the hill on your left.

From Maynard or Sudbury coming west on Route 62 (Main Street), proceed to the rotary and take a right onto Felton Street. The church is up the hill on your left.


*Please Note!  Now that there is a second rotary in town-- we are off the rotary in the center of Hudson where the Library is (not the one near the Stop and Shop and CVS plazas).  Felton Street is off of the north side of the rotary, between the barber shop and the framing shop.